Business Accounts

Long-Term Recurring Needs?

Are you an online business owner who will be placing orders on a regular basis? Do you have a large amount of back-work to be completed?

Paige Administration can create an account for you.

No need to pay up front when placing an order. Just upload the files and work begins. We provide you with a shared Dropbox folder to upload files (or you can provide us with links), and you will conveniently receive a weekly or monthly invoice by PayPal.

You will receive a weekly or monthly invoice through PayPal – we charge $1.29 USD per audio minute. (*Canadians: $1.59 CAD per audio minute)

Request an Account / Place Order

Place Order
So we know whether to invoice in USD ($1.29/rec. min.) or CAD ($1.59/rec. min.)
A rough estimate is fine. We will invoice based on the actual minutes transcribed.
Please include the date, time, and your time zone. Example: September 24, 2016 - 5pm MST
(Type 'Shared dropbox folder' or paste the URL to your file)