Transcription FAQ’s

How much do you charge?

Paige Administration charges $1.29 USD per minute of audio. For example, a 30 minute audio costs $38.70. Time stamps and verbatim are options that cost $0.25 per minute each. There is no additional charges for multiple speakers and there is no sales tax. We round up all audio to the nearest whole minute.

How long will it take?

Audio files under 30 minutes long with good quality audio can typically be delivered within 48 hours upon request. For longer recordings or recordings with poor audio quality make take longer. If you have longer files, you can request a turnaround estimate. Email: marcie @ (remove the spaces)

To calculate an approximate turnaround time – please allow 1 business day per 30 mins of audio + 1 day. Example: Your 30 minute audio can typically be delivered within 48 hours. Your 3 hour recording can typically be delivered within 7 business days.

How do you handle billing and payments?

We are currently using PayPal to send invoices. Email money transfers are also accepted. We generally bill the day a project is submitted. First time projects with us and any rush orders require payment be made in advance.

Some of our clients have ongoing projects that are billed on a specified schedule. If you need alternative billing options please let us know and we can discuss it further.

How are audio and video files submitted?

If your audio or video is already online in a downloadable format you can just send us a link to download from. We also have Dropbox as an option to share files. If you need a different delivery method, let us know and we can discuss alternate options.

What type of file can I send you?

We accept digital audio and video formats, as well as, links to YouTube videos.

Do you provide timestamps?

Yes, we offer timestamps as an option for an additional charge of $0.25 minute.

Are you a medical transcriptionist?

No. I am a general transcriptionist and not currently trained in medical terminology.

Can you transcribe multi-speaker files?

Yes. We can transcribe multi-speaker files and we charge the same price: $1.29 USD per minute. We indicate “speaker 1”, “speaker 2”, etc. where possible.

Do you offer a discount for high volume?

No. Paige Administration offers one fair price for everyone.

Do you offer transcription services in other languages?

No. We currently only transcribe from English to English.

In what format will I receive the completed transcript?

All transcripts are delivered as Pages (Mac) or Microsoft Word (Windows) documents.

Do you edit filler words (ie: umm, ahh)?

We edit filler words such as “uhh” and “umm” to clean up your transcript. You may request verbatim transcription as an optional add-on to your order if you prefer to have all filler words included, for an additional fee of $0.25 per minute.

My transcript has mistakes, how can I fix these?

We send your transcripts in a format that allows you to make quick changes.

Have a question we didn’t answer here? Contact us and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day 🙂