Transcription Prices

Transcription prices at Paige Administration are dependent on a couple of things, type of recording and difficulty.

  1. Type of file: Meditations, Webinars, Video Blog Posts, Training Videos.
  2. Difficulty: There are a few elements that can increase the time it takes to transcribe a recording. (example: more than 1 person talking, unclear recordings, accents, time stamps, verbatim transcription, etc.)

Price: $1.29 (USD)  // $1.59 (CAD) per minute of audio or video
(*rate is for clear recordings without time codes and with intelligent verbatim)

Number of Speakers: Unlimited

Length of Audio or Video: Unlimited

File Types: MP3, WAV, MOV, AVI, MP4, and many more!

Completed Transcript File Type: Pages or Microsoft Word (.docx)

Accuracy: 99% or better.

Turnaround: 48 Hours (for files less than 30 minutes) *upon request

Timestamps: Additional $0.25 / min

Verbatim Transcription: Additional $0.25 / min

***Custom Rate for Meditations
Price: $10 USD / first page & $6 USD / each additional page
(2.54cm margins and 11pt verdana)
(If you are an exceptionally slow speaker and/or there are a lot of long pauses in your recorded file, a per page rate may be more suitable for you.)
*Rate is for clear recordings needing minimal time codes with Intelligent Verbatim.

Average turnaround time is approximately 3-9 business days.

Rush service is available for an additional fee. Get Quote