How a transcriptionist can help grow your business

Video and audio content is a great way to engage your customers.

However, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you need to provide content that can be indexed by search engines. Without text on your page, search engines will have a hard time finding your content. That’s why transcribing your podcasts and video blogs is an essential content marketing strategy!

A skilled transcriptionist can take your podcasts and video blog posts, convert them to a text document, and format them to be blog post ready.

Transcriptions also improve your customer experience.

Not every visitor will be able to play your video or listen to your audio without disturbing someone around them. By offering a transcript, you give your reader the opportunity to consume your content without having to remember to come back later. And, there are some readers who simply prefer text over audios or videos 🙂

Is a transcriptionist right for your business strategy?

Transcribing can be tedious and time consuming if you cannot type quickly. Or, maybe you are a speedy typist but you just don’t have the time with everything else on your to-do list. Outsourcing your transcription work will save you time and help grow your business at the same time.

What kinds of things should you transcribe?

Podcasts / Radio Shows:
Full episodes or appearances (example: your client is only live for a partial segment)

Video Blog Posts:
We all learn and absorb information in different formats. A transcript of your video blog gives your audience with the option to consume your content through text.

Webinars & Teleseminars:
Transform your webinar or teleseminar into a beautiful text document that can be uploaded to your website or formatted into an e-book or workbook.

Coaching Sessions:
Give your client a printable copy (transcript) of their coaching session. A quick and easy way to provide your client with a personalized workbook.

Classroom Content / Membership Sites:
have you created a membership program in video format? Provide your students with a transcript to give them the option to download and print their lessons.

Presentations, keynotes, Q&A.

Interviews, whiteboard videos, testimonials (from clients/customers), pretty much anything that has audio!

Have I missed anything useful? Probably! If you have a suggestion, leave a comment below.

I can’t wait to hear from you and learn more about your business!


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